Another dumb drug mule is set to spend decades banged up abroad behind bars in Bangkok for secretly trying to smuggle illegal narcotics into the Thai kingdom. This foolish person unsuccessfully concealed one and a half kilogrammes of cocaine in her fake dreadlocks. What could possibly have gone through this girl’s mind as she stepped off a Qatar Airways flight from Brazil at Suvarnabhumi Airport!

Apart from the fact that right from the beginning, this ill-advised girl must have looked ridiculously suspicious sporting those dreadful imitation hair extensions, (yes, they were not real dreadlocks), her head must have been spinning from all that extra heavy baggage she was seen carrying.

Anyone entering the kingdom with such crazy looking hair would have aroused some sort of curiosity. For the most part, the ladies of Thailand have beautiful long straight shiny black hair.

As it turns out the young lady in question here received a hefty jail sentence of some fifteen years and that after pleading guilty to her crime. An additional yet substantial cash fine was also added to her punishment. Should she be not able to pay the fine, extra time will be affixed to her already lengthy stay. It’s a real tough one to swallow in any language. What an absolute waste of a young life.

Drugs and Dreadlocks

If not for the concealed drugs, the dreadlocks themselves would have sparked amazement and amusement for any Thai person. You need to take into account that not many people with real or fake dreadlocks pass through this part of the planet. It would be a completely different scenario if this girl were to enter a country such as Africa or Jamaica where dreadlocks are more commonplace.

There is a serious lesson to learn from all this. If you are going to smuggle drugs in your dreadlocks, then you should at least, look the part and walk the walk in a country where you blend in. Any intellect would know that.

Better still, don’t deal in drugs of any kind full stop. However, if you insist on applying for a job as a drug mule, please do some research. Professional criminals do their homework before ripping off some unfortunate knucklehead from another country.

This is what Dreadlocks looks like

Speaking of homework, this poor young South African female university student nabbed for possession of cocaine must have spent several exhausting hours preparing her precious synthetic locks. Instead of packing potentially hazardous white stuff into her hair, she should spend more of her time networking on where exactly she would be heading.

Before the cocaine debacle, her head and hair must have been caught high up in the clouds. Now her shaved locks are all that’s left on her pretty head while she prepares to spend time behind bars.

A Stark Reminder

I am writing this article as a stark reminder to anyone who for whatever reason, is considering or coerced into heading down this precarious and rocky road. You would only be entering a deep, dark and dangerous journey where there is little if any hope of seeing any kind of light whatsoever at the end of the tunnel.

Thailand is a wonderful place in which to enjoy a fabulous holiday so why go and spoil it with things beyond your wildest dreams. The consequence for any perilous actions whatever the circumstance, far outweigh the harsh reality of spending the rest of your young life rotting away behind bars in a Thai prison.

Behind Bars at Lard Yao Prison

Lard Yao Central Women’s Correctional Institution in Bangkok is a fancy name for a hell hole of a home from home for female drug smugglers. It is the Thai authorities jail of choice to place foreign female criminals and is designed to hold a maximum of 3,268 inmates. Don’t ask me how these stats came about because they still hold up to two hundred women in a single communal cell. No matter how this is viewed, the level of overcrowding is inhuman and inhumane.

As an example should one female prisoner have the urge to wake up at night to go to the toilet, other inmates automatically shift to take up the vacant space leaving no room for the returning inmate. This unjust action leaves the prisoner having to stand up for the rest of the night, however long that might take.

Whichever prison your loved ones may be housed in, Thailand is not a pleasant place to spend any length of time behind bars. While I believe there’s a host of rehabilitation programs available such as computer training, fashion design, shows and pageants, arts and crafts, cooking and catering, Thai language courses and music and signing classes, inmates are also expected to work.