Private Dancer by Steven Leather

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If for any reason you could not purchase the book you’d have liked while on vacation in Thailand, then perhaps I can offer you some assistance as I have personally read a variety of Thai books and other related subjects including Thai culture, retiring and much more.

I’ll attempt to offer you candid reviews on some of the best authors and their personal insights as well as some of the local Thai publications you’d like to read. You can also receive all your own local newspapers in your language at hotels and resorts around Thailand.

Private Dancer

Private Dancer by Steven Leather is a Thai book I purchased in Bangkok and would recommend to any guy visiting Thailand for the very first time. I stand to correction when I point out that this book is based on fiction rather than as a true reflection of what might or might not have happened.

The images portrayed here epitomise actual events and although Steven has this wonderful way of portraying his characters as very real people falling madly in love, there are surrealistic undertones.

After reading the book, I went on to do some research of my own. The book tells the story of a young British travel writer (not unlike myself) who falls head over heels in love with an exotic dancer at the notorious Nana Plaza Entertainment Complex in Bangkok. Therein lies the danger. It’s a must read for anybody thinking that falling in love with a beautiful go-go girl in Thailand is a simple walk in the park.

The research I did, was in reference to a South African expatriate who supposedly owned a bar in Nana entertainment plaza complex. But of course, this guy didn’t exist. The book named him Big Ron.

He was an ex-bank employee who at some stage worked at one of the bigger banks in South Africa but was looking to get out of the rat race and to exchange that for an easy life in Thailand. Apparently, “Ron” was so fat that he had to have a customised chair specially built in his bar to support his enormous weight. I have to say that Steven did such an interesting take on this guy Ron that it had me completely fooled. 

But it did prompt me to take a closer look at why some western men can’t resist Thai women. Private Dancer is a good introduction to all you wannabe girlfriend seeking newbies out there thinking that this is heaven on earth. If anything, it will shock the socks off you. But you need take a closer look for yourself. I have had a fair share of experience in this matter myself, but I always put in safety measures.

Eyewitness Travel Guide to Thailand

Eyewitness Travel Guide to Thailand is a colourful and thoughtfully arranged guide providing easy access to Thai history and culture, religion and politics, islands and beaches, sports and festivals and so much more. Many pleasures, diversions, sites, and activities from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, Phuket to Koh Samui are detailed in a conveniently usable format.

Thai Book – The Rough Guide

The Rough Guide to Thailand’s islands and beaches is the ultimate guide to many glorious destinations from enchanting lesser known islands to the biggest and most popular islands including their beaches. This full-colour book introduces all the highlights including stunning photography of the best the islands have to offer. The authors provide expert recommendations on all the top places to visit from the ultimate party beaches to remote national park islands.

You will find excellent places for diving, snorkelling, white-water rafting, scuba diving and kayaking. There are also detailed maps of all the Thailand islands and beaches with informed advice on many activities. To purchase this book, simply click the link above.

Thai Book – Thailand Fever

Thailand Fever is another great book I have read. It is written in both Thai and English which is filled with many topics for both Westerners and Thai’s to be able to understand and communicate with each other better. This very informative read is for anyone wanting to form a relationship on a more cross-cultural level.

The book has subjects on both the western and Thai value system, equality in relationships and saving face as well as lots more valuable information. For you should you wish to take a more active role in Thai society.

Thai Book – Retiring in Thailand

Retiring in Thailand is an excellent book on why Thailand may be right for your retirement. It covers many subjects such as planning your retirement, retirement locations and retirement tips. There is also a section on the cost of living in Thailand, affordable health care including dental and cosmetic surgery as well as topics on how to do business and so much more. This book is for you if you seriously wish to retire in this part of the world.

Cultural Shock! Thailand

Cultural Shock! Thailand is a survival guide to customs and etiquette for anyone wanting to know more about Asian culture and how  to adapt to living an alternative lifestyle. It’s for you if you’re planning to learn more about Thailand, its people and traditions.